This Tiny South American Country Should Be Next on Your List

Paramaribo, Suriname.
Paramaribo, Suriname. Image by jeewee/Depositphotos

Suriname is a super small country of under 600,000 people and is located in the northeastern part of South America. It borders Brazil to the south, French Guiana to the east, and Guyana to the west. The official language of this small country is actually Dutch because it was colonized by the country back in the 17th century and only became a sovereign nation in the 20th century.

Although you might never have heard of Suriname, it is definitely a country worth visiting. It’s one of the most culturally diverse countries in South America and there is so much to explore there.

When to Visit

When you go to Suriname really can dictate what you do. The temperature is basically perfect all year round, always staying around the 70s, but in terms of rain, the rainy season goes from April through August, so any other time of the year will be great for all the outdoor activities the country offers!

What to Do

The capital of Suriname is Paramaribo, and it’s where most of the citizens live in the country. The city is on the Paramaribo River, so it’s still very much connected to nature. In the center, you will find gorgeous relics of the Dutch colonization in their magnificent traditional wooden buildings and homes.

If you want to learn more about the history of the country, go to Fort Zeelandia which was built by the French in the early 17th century. Now it homes to a museum about the history of the culture and country called the Surinaams Museum.

If you’re into hiking and nature, Suriname has so much to offer. Head over to the Brownsberg National Park which has the Brownsberg mountain, a tropical rainforest, tons of waterfalls and more! If you love birds, keep your eyes and ears out for toucans, parrots, and other tropical birds. And for animal lovers, you can be sure to see howler monkeys, armadillos, and maybe even a jaguar!

The Wia Wia Nature Reserve is another stunning site to see in Suriname. Located on the Atlantic Coast of the country, you can find a ton of beaches, areas to bird-watch, and beautiful mangrove swamps with their own ecosystems at play.

If you go west of the capital, you can take a coastal road trip on a picturesque road that will lead you to the Scottish settlement called Totness. Along the way, you can see amazing salt ponds and paddy fields.


The food throughout Suriname is super diverse from the indigenous folks to the settlers and immigrants. One thing you will find that the native people eat are a lot of cassava products, like bread called khali and cakes called lolo casaba.

If you want a little more of an upscale dining experience, you have to go to Baka Foto in Fort Zeelandia. The restaurant serves a mix of traditional Dutch food along with other European cuisines, all presented beautifully made with local ingredients that really sing.