Top 3 Travel Ideas for Passionate Movie Buffs

Harry Potter world in Orlando
Photo by Rithika Gopalakrishnan on Unsplash

Movies and TV shows often introduce us to beautiful places around the world that we’ve never heard of before, and in the process make us want to visit them at all costs. They can be an amazing source of travel inspiration, and here are some of the best trip ideas for passionate movie buffs.

Filming Locations

The most obvious choice for a cinematic trip is a visit to filming locations of your favorite movies and TV shows. Unless there were a lot of green screens involved, these trips will transport you into your favorite fictional world and allow you to experience it first-hand.

Museum and Theme Parks

If you’re a passionate cinephile, it’s highly likely that museums dedicated to cinema and photography will leave you in awe. Theme parks dedicated to popular movies are also extremely popular with tourists. If there’s one that honors your favorite franchise, make sure to check it out.

International Theaters

Each visit to a movie theater is a unique experience, especially if you’re visiting one in a foreign country. International theaters that differ from the ones in your hometown is a super-fun experience, but you should also consider searching for historic retro spots.