Top 3 Spots For Art Lovers in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria. Photo by Nupo Deyon Daniel on Unsplash

Most people visiting Lagos are there to enjoy its beautiful beaches and dramatic cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, but there’s more to this city than meets the eye. The capital of Nigeria also has a thriving art scene, and here are some of the best places where you can explore it.

Nike Art Gallery

One of the largest art galleries in Nigeria and all of West Africa, Nike Art Gallery is one of the art centers that you shouldn’t miss in Lagos. It’s housed inside a five-story tall building, and you can find around 8,000 diverse artworks on its premises, mostly from local Nigerian artists.

Omenka Gallery

Another important gallery that you should check out in Lagos, Omenka has been around since 2003. It showcases both Nigerian and international artists, and its main goal is to ensure a sustainable global presence for contemporary art from Africa and its related diaspora.

ART X Lagos

If you find yourself in Nigeria while ART X Lagos takes place, you shouldn’t miss it for the world. This international art fair is truly one of a kind in West Africa and it’s a unique showcase of its cultural scene. It doesn’t have a set date, but it usually takes place in early November.