Top 3 National Parks to Explore in Cameroon

Waza National Park, Kameroen
Waza National Park, Cameroon. Photo by Martin Fennema on Unsplash

Like the rest of Africa, Cameroon is home to countless natural wonders. Many of them are safely tucked away inside its national parks and natural reserves, and here are three that you should put on your travel itinerary when visiting this country in central Africa.

Korup National Park

Cameroon is home to one of Africa’s oldest and richest tropical forests, and this national park can be found right at its heart. One of the country’s most accessible attractions of its kind, Korup is the perfect place to expand your knowledge about ecosystems and it’s heaven on Earth for passionate birdwatchers.

Waza National Park

Waza is one of the scenic parks that Cameroon has in store, and it’s located near the border with Nigeria and Chad. It’s most notable for being home to the big five wildlife species, including lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and buffalos, but it’s also home to 300 species of birds.

Lobéké National Park

Located on the border between Cameroon, Congo, and the Central African Republic, Lobéké national park will introduce you to the natural beauty of the Congo Basin. It’s home to large colonies of African forest elephants and western lowland gorillas and its semi-evergreen forest will win you over with its rich flora.