Top 3 Must-See Tourist Attractions in Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa, Canada
Ottawa, Canada. Photo by Jacob Meissner on Unsplash

Ottawa is one of those tourist destinations that almost always surpass your expectations. As Canada’s capital, many perceive the city as more of a tight-up government center that doesn’t actually have much to offer to tourists. However, once you hit its streets, you see that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Now, the more you see of Ottawa, the better. But if you don’t have much time and want to see just the main attractions, make sure you don’t miss out on the ones below. 

Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill is the symbol of Ottawa and more than three million people visit the attraction each year. The place is home to the Parliament of Canada, but this isn’t what is prompting people to visit. Instead, it has buildings built in the Gothic revival style, the bell and clock Peace Tower, statues of important figures in Canada’s history, and beautiful surrounding parks and gardens.

Rideau Canal

Your next stop should definitely be the Rideau Canal. This canal system connects Ottawa with Lake Ontario and is the oldest to be in continuous operation on the continent. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007, Rideau Canal is surrounded by monuments and buildings while offering various activities on water like paddling and boating. During the winter, the central Ottawa part of the canal is turned into a skating rink.

Canadian War Museum

Canadian War Museum will offer you a chance to get familiar with the country’s military history, which was much more eventful than you might suspect. It provides a home to 500,000 pieces of military items, artworks, memorabilia, and more.