Top 3 Most Charming Small Towns in Florida

Florida small towns
Cedar Key, Florida. Photo by Robin Canfield on Unsplash

Florida, also called “The Sunshine State”, is highly popular in the tourist circuit—especially since it’s home to Disney World and Universal, among other things. Florida has no shortage when it comes to mind-blowing attractions and destinations such as its sun-kissed beaches, but here are some other amazing places it has to offer.

DeFuniak Springs

Most people’s reason for being in DeFuniak Springs is to enjoy its Victorian vibe ad spend their days admiring the splendid Victorian structures spread across the town. Additionally, DeFuniak Springs is nestled around the perfectly circular Lake DeFuniak. It is one of the only two of their kind in the whole world.

Mount Dora

Here’s where you can enjoy being transported back in time, attend local festivals, and reminisce in a peaceful and quiet environment. Mount Dora is a quaint little lakefront town known for its historic village, architecture, and a myriad of antique shopping venues. It also has an unbelievably unperturbed atmosphere.

Cedar Key

Cedar Key is an island city that perfectly defines “low-key.” It’s located in the Gulf of Mexico and has the greatest beaches in the state, amazing avenues for fishing, bird watching, and kayaking. If you’re a seafood lover, vising Cedar Key isn’t complete without trying Tony’s World Champion Clam Chowder.