Top 3 Art Museums to Visit in Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane River, Brisbane, Australia
Photo by Brisbane Local Marketing on Unsplash

Most visitors to Brisbane explore its beautiful surroundings, but there are ways to enjoy this city even if you’re not the outdoorsy type. Brisbane is home to many amazing museums you can explore, and art lovers will feel right at home in these three.

Queensland Art Gallery

One of the must-see attractions in Brisbane’s South Bank percent, the Queensland Art Gallery is one of the city’s leading cultural institutions. With 19,000 artworks housed in a 4,700 square meters space, this gallery showcases Australian and international artists, with an emphasis on contemporary Asian and Pacific art.

Museum of Brisbane

The Museum of Brisbane offers amazing exhibitions to people of different interests, but the extensive art collection is one of its highlights. One thing you shouldn’t miss during your visit is its collection of historical ceramics, featuring around 5,000 pieces.

QUT Art Museum

If you’re looking for an interactive art museum that you can visit with your entire family, QUT is a perfect choice. It’s best known for putting Dick Bruna’s art on full display, but it also showcases modern and contemporary works by Australian artists.