Tired of Losing Your Luggage? Then Try These Luggage Tracking Devices

Air tag
Apple AirTag. Photo by Mark Chan on Unsplash

Losing your luggage is one of the worst things that can happen to you while traveling. And it appears that there is no way to avoid this. If it is bound to happen, it will happen. However, there is something you can do that will help you find your luggage faster in case you lose it.

Luggage tracking devices are becoming increasingly popular among travelers who are tired of losing their luggage. These devices will let you know where your luggage is at any given moment and help you track it down if it gets mishandled. Here are the most popular ones.

Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag is the luggage tracking device you want to have on your side while traveling. It is light, reliable, and enables you to track your luggage in real time. And not only your luggage but various other items. The device comes with a one-year battery lifespan and has a built-in speaker that makes navigation easier.

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

The GPS tracker from LandAirSea is a high-level tracking device that makes lost luggage a thing of the past. It is waterproof and dustproof, offers real-time tracking via Google Maps, and even allows you to access the history of its previous stops and locations. Depending on the mode you use, the battery can last between a week and six months. The only downside to the device is that you will need a subscription.

Dynotag Smart Tag

Dynotag might not be efficient like the previous entries on the list, but it has its perks. The tag comes with a personalized QR code that contains information about the owner of the tag. You will need to rely on the kindness of strangers in this case, but on the brighter side, there is no need for electronics, batteries, or subscriptions.