Experts Share Tips for Saving Money on Thanksgivings and Christmas Flights

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

Taking your time with booking flights for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Well, according to experts, that might not be the best approach. At least, not if you want to save some money.

The Washington Post recently surveyed a number of travel experts, who shared some valuable tips and tricks that will help travelers save some money if they are flying somewhere on Thanksgiving or Christmas. The most important one was that you should book your flight as soon as possible since the prices are expected to take a significant jump in the coming weeks. Want to find out the others? Continue reading.

Tips for Saving Money on Thanksgiving Flights

According to Hayley Berg, who is the leading economist at the travel booking app Hopper, the best way to save money on Thanksgiving flights is that you depart earlier in the week. Berg says that the average ticket prices are 30% cheaper if you fly on Monday during Thanksgiving week than, let’s say, on Wednesday.

The easiest way to save money on a return flight is if you are willing to fly on Thanksgivings Day. If not, then consider Friday or the following Monday to save around 10%.

Tips for Saving Money on Christmas Flights

Saving money on Christmas flights will also be all about finding the right day to fly on top of booking the ticket ASAP. According to the travel website Expedia, flying on “Monday or Tuesday of the week before Christmas” is the best way to ensure you get a good price. On the other hand, flying on Thursday during Christmas week will be the priciest affair.

When it comes to returning, you should look to fly a day or two after Christmas. After Wednesday, the prices will start jumping ahead of New Year’s Eve.