Tips For Making Great Photos While Travelling Solo

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Traveling solo is a great adventure and an unforgettable experience that people like to repeat. But taking cool photos while you’re alone can be tricky, so here are few tips that may help you. 

Use a tripod – tripods can be very handy when traveling solo. Ideal times for using a tripod is when there are not a lot of people around, during sunset or sunrise, or you can use it at less famous locations. You take the photo by using a remote, so you can make several photos and choose your favorite.  

Ask someone else – you will meet very kind people while traveling, so you can ask them to take your picture. But before you do, make sure you have a clear idea in your head and take a few shots to see how it looks to be able to show exactly how you’d like your photo to look like. Don’t be embarrassed to ask to make few shots – after all, these are your memories. 

Hire a photographer – not a very popular option if you’re on a low budget, but it helps. It doesn’t have to be extra popular – it can be someone from Instagram that will help you capture the spirit of the place, and of course, your smile.