TikTok Star and Avid Traveler Remi Bader Reveals Her Packing Secrets

Having attended both New York and Paris Fashion Week and jetting off to London, TikTok star Remi Bader is no stranger to packing for a quick vacation. Here are Remi’s top tips to help you pack everything you need for your trip without actually overpacking.

Do it When You’re Feeling Productive

While she may be well-organized, you might be surprised to learn that Remi often packs on the morning of her flight. “I have this thing where I’m more focused when it’s light out, like in the morning and during the day,” Remi explained. Ultimately, packing when she’s focused helps her to get everything done in the most organized way possible.

Bring a Pill Pack

If you have many cosmetics, toiletries, and some medication, then a pill pack will come in handy. Rather than packing all of your large bottles in your bag, simply put what you need into the pill pack for the time you are away. This will be sure to save space.

Plan Your Outfits

Rather than packing clothes individually, consider what outfits you’ll be wearing. This will prevent you from bringing clothes that ultimately go unused.