Three Of The Best UK Islands To Explore

Isle of Wight, UK
Isle of Wight, UK. Photo by Lison Zhao on Unsplash

Whilst the UK is itself an island, there are plenty of smaller islands around the coast to explore. From the glitz and glamor of the Scilly Isles to the rugged beauty of the Isle of Man, here are three of the finest islands around the UK’s coastline.

Isle of Wight

This island is fairly close to the mainland, and the ferry from Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK takes less than half an hour, but the three-hundred-and-sixty-degree sea views make it feel like a tropical paradise. Explore the rugged coastline, relax on the sandy shores, and don’t forget to try some of the incredible local seafood on offer in most of the island’s cafes and eateries.

Isle of Man

This wind-swept isle is located between Ireland and the UK in the Irish Sea. Take the ferry from the city of Liverpool, and you will be transported to a simpler, older way of life. Whilst there is modern technology on the island, most of the architecture dates back to the past and many island inhabitants choose to carry on a traditional way of life. You will find plenty of hiking paths all over the island, and there are some beaches with safe swimming although checking tide times is advisable.

The Scilly Isles

This group of islands is found at the southern edge of the UK, and is popular for its warm, sunny climate. You can fly from regional airports such as Exeter, or take a day trip to the islands by boat from the southern coast of Cornwall. The Scilly Isles are all about relaxed glamor, so hire a yacht for the day, sample the local oysters, and take a tour of a local winery.

The islands around the UK offer fascinating climates and cultures to explore, so don’t forget to take a trip off the mainland if you’re visiting the UK.