Three Of The Best London Restaurants

London Restaurants
Photo by Flo Steinle on Unsplash

If there’s one thing that the capital city of the UK is known for, it’s a wide, vibrant and buzzing food scene. In London, you can eat everything from traditional English fish and chips to Vietnamese pho to Catalonian tapas. If you’re heading to the city and want to experience some of its culinary highlights, then check out these well reviewed eateries.

Everest Curry King, Lewisham

This incredible Indian restaurant focuses on dishes from southern India, and does so with stylish simplicity. Expect warmly spiced, rich coconut based curries, fresh stir fries and filled dosas, all for very reasonable prices. There is an informal vibe if you choose to sit in, and admittedly the decor is never going to rival the Ritz or any of London’s pricier venues, but that really doesn’t matter when the food is this good. Takeaways are also available, if you’re staying nearby and want to enjoy some incredible flavors in your Airbnb or accommodation.

Levante, Lewisham

Levante is a Turkish grill house, offering some incredibly tasty grilled meats, fish and cheeses with a selection of home made breads and salads. The flavors are rich and deep, especially when it comes to the slow cooked stews and soups, and prices are also incredibly reasonable.

The Hunan Man

This restaurant focuses on the food from the Chinese province of Hunan, known for bold savory flavors and sour chilli sauces. It is popular with locals and tourists alike, and offers an authentic introduction into the incredible cuisine of this region. Expect to find an array of meat and seafood dishes, as well as plenty on offer for vegetarians.