Three Incredible Summer Vacations You Wish You Thought Of Yourself

Big Sur, California. Photo by Nathan Long on Unsplash

It’s time to get creative with travel destinations. The U.S. has too many hidden gems to explore in a single lifetime, but these three charming locales should get you started.

Find A Southern Town And Stroll The Weekend Away

Everyone has at least considered visiting New Orleans at some point. But what about the other charming historical cities in that neck of the woods? Take Charleston, SC. It’s brimming with quaint colonial architecture, and the streets are lined with palm trees.

Enjoy a stay at 22 Charlotte, located in the Historic District. It’s the highest-rated bed and breakfast in the city.  

Camp On The Edge Of Breathtaking Cliffs In Big Sur

The northern California coast is home to one of the nation’s most beautiful scenic highways. The drive through Big Sur alone is worth the trip. Hold your breath over the bridge between San Simeon and Carmel (the drop-off could scare you to pieces).

Campgrounds along Highway 1 are affordable and easy to come by. If you’re in a camper van, park overnight on the side of the cliff and wake up before the fog clears. You’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Take A Horseback Riding Adventure Into The Montana Backcountry

Want to get lost, dude ranch style? Northwestern Montana is the center of the world when it comes to trail riding adventures. You’ll feel like a regular desperado eating chili and riding through pristine scenery in 1,577 square miles of raw Bob Marshall wilderness. When you’re journey’s done, head over to the nearby town of Bigfork and peruse the handcrafted art boutiques.

What Other Surprises Might You Find?

Want to head even farther North? The drive from Montreal to BANFF is gorgeous and offers plenty of hiking options along the way. Just be sure to bring bug repellant. The mosquitoes run thick. If music is your passion, a trip to Austin, TX is a must. In a country this ripe in culture and scenery, boredom just isn’t an option.