This Sweedish Restaurant Allows You to Escape to Nowhere

Nowhere, a restaurant near Stockholm, Sweden is literary like the name suggests, in the middle of nowhere. Located on the Häringe nature reserve, Nowhere takes social distancing to a whole new extreme.

Created by Oddbird, a non-alcoholic Swedish winery, the restaurant has six tables that are scattered amongst the reserve, which means you can finally dine in peace.

Every time you dine at Nowhere you’ll be treated to a new experience—each table is located in a beautiful, unique location—one is on a dock by a lake, another is in a meadow, and another is in the middle of a forest.

The tables use recycled furniture and they were designed by Danish interior designer duo The Normans. While dining, you can enjoy a menu created by chefs Linn Söderström and Marion Ringborg from the restaurant Garba in Stockholm, and be sure to sip on some non-alcoholic wine.

“Over time, we have become experts at fleeing, both mentally and physically, but on account of the corona crisis, we were grounded and forced to a halt,” said Mehmet Gürbüzer of Oddbird in a statement. “Instead of traveling abroad, we now find ourselves out in the nature and discovering magical places we had not previously regarded as destinations. It is not really the place in itself that we want to get to with Nowhere, rather a state of mind.”

Nowhere starts taking reservations on June 22 and they’re set to open on August 20, 2020.