This Singapore Hotel Was Designed for New Moms and Their Babies

There’s no doubt that being a new parent is one of the most difficult jobs there is. Between the sleepless nights, endless amounts of laundry, and never-ending feedings, it is a difficult job for parents, and one hotel in Singapore is here to help.

Singapore’s new Kai Suites is a luxurious hotel designed for postpartum moms and their goal is to help parents and their newborns have an easier transition into the world. The suite is located in a former maternity hospital and they have medical personnel on-site.

People usually book stays at the suites about six to eight weeks before their delivery date and new moms can head to the hotel with their newborns as soon as they are given the okay to leave the hospital.

From the moment they head out of the hospital, they’ll be taken by limo to the suites and cared for with doctors visits, massages, and nutritious meals. Extended family members can visit and parents and spouses can spend the night. There’s even a common area for new parents to interact with each other.

Kai Suites has 18 suites and a two-week stay starts at around $13,650. Check out the hotel’s website for more information.