The Pinnacles in Western Australia Will Take Your Breath Away

Photo by Tobias Keller on Unsplash

Nature lovers road tripping around Australia will never run out of unusual rock formations to explore since this country happens to be home to more than we can count. And one of the most notable examples is the Pinnacles—natural limestone formations in Western Australia.

The Pinnacles are one of the top tourist attractions within the Nambung National Park in Western Australia, but that doesn’t necessarily make them easy to access. If you’re staying in Perth, it will take about two hours to reach them by car and Cervantes is the closest town you can find nearby.

The limestone pillars were formed by erosion several million years ago, and they range in shape and size. The small ones are barely a meter tall and resemble small tombstones, while the taller ones often reach up to 3.5 meters in height and make for a pretty imposing sight.

If you visit the Nambung National Park early in the morning, you may notice western grey kangaroos while exploring the Pinnacles. They can be quite tame, but you should still tread lightly since there are also many reptiles inhabiting the park. If you’re more of a night owl, consider joining one of the desert sunset tours from Perth, since the Pinnacles happen to be an amazing star-gazing spot.