This Paper-Thin Portable Phone Charger is Perfect For Your Next Trip

Person Holding Black Samsung Android Smartphone
Photo by Stanley Ng via Pexels

Imagine you’re rushing through the airport and your phone’s battery level is dangerously low. Rather than running around in search of a power outlet, you can simply whip out a paper-thin portable phone charger that effortlessly fits in your wallet. This credit card charger is none other than the AquaVault Ultra-thin Emergency Phone Charger.

Aside from being highly compact, this charger is also compatible with a wide range of devices, with its built-in lightning, micro USB, and USB-C cables. It can charge your phone entirely within one and a half hours. What’s more, if you have your boarding pass on your phone and the battery suddenly goes dead then fear note as this charger instantly revives your phone the moment it connects and begins charging.

Built of stainless steel, don’t let this charger’s appearance fool you—the AquaVault Ultra-thin is highly durable not to mention affordable, costing $70 or even less if you have an Amazon coupon. Ultimately, this innovative charger is not just compact enough to slip into your wallet but also intuitive, providing a range of charging cables so that you don’t have to plug in others depending on your device. It also comes with LED indicator lights to show when your phone is fully charged.