This Luxurious London Hotel is for Dogs

Have you ever wanted your pooches to be pampered just like you are when you travel? Then this London hotel is perfect for you. Urban Mutts is the world’s first luxury hotel and daycare just for dogs. You won’t believe all of the fabulous amenities offered.

Located in London’s West End, there are spa treatments including acupuncture, massage, and reiki. Other services include walking and training. The rooms have fully ventilated and heated sleep huts with LED mood lighting, room service meals, and cuddles.

There’s a membership-based fee of £150 (about $207) which includes access to daycare, hotel stays, boot camps, spa services, and fitness classes for your dog. One 24-hour stay starts at £70 (about $97) and if your dog is staying a week or more, you’ll pay £50 (about $70). Dogs can stay up to three months for an experience similar to a summer camp.

Urban Mutts opened in the fall and its aim is to make the kennel experience better for dogs while their owners are on vacation. According to the hotel’s website they made a day club and hotel “to give you walks, play, social, grooming and chill time. All while your owners are putting their feet up at work”.