This is Why You Should Experience Ferry Travel at Least Once

Ferry travel
Photo by Yap Chin Kuan on Unsplash

If you find yourself in a situation where traveling by ferry is one of the options, then here is your sign to take it. It might seem old school and inefficient., but there are some real hidden gems to this form of transport that should be experienced at least once.

Incredible Views

Who doesn’t love seeing the sea? Being on a ferry, you get uninterrupted views of the big blue ocean and all that comes with it. Certain ferry crossings are famous for their wildlife spotting of whales and dolphins, and at the very least you’re guaranteed a good sunset. 

It’s Eco-Friendly

This is a much preferable way to travel than by flight. It of course takes longer, but if you can spare the time then you should embrace this slower pace and more planet-friendly version of traveling. 

Freedom to Move Around

If you’re used to plane and train travel, then being on a ferry will feel like a dream come true. There are no designated seats and no seatbelt sign – you can simply wander around wherever you please. Whether this means setting up camp at one of the onboard bars or sitting on the deck to experience the windy open sea, the choice is entirely yours to make.