This Colorful Staircase is San Francisco’s Best Hidden Secret

Photo by Lili Popper on Unsplash

San Francisco is home to countless attractions that deserve a spot on your bucket list, but chances are you’ve never heard of one of them – the secret mosaic staircase on 16th Avenue is one of the city’s most colorful and artful spots.

This amazing set of stairs is safely tucked away in SanFran’s Sunset district, 30 minutes away from the iconic Golden Gate Park. It consists of 163 separate mosaic panels, and climbing to the top is the best cardio you could possibly wish for.

This amazing project was inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s legendary Selarón staircase, and it took two years to complete it. Artists and community volunteers who participated in mosaic workshops were responsible for its creation, and their main goal was to bring some color into the Golden Gate Heights.

They did a pretty great job and created a true masterpiece with tile, mirror and stained glass. Colorful twist of amazing details will take your breath away as you climb, and the view at the city will be just as breathtaking once you reach the top.

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