This Beautiful Crater is WHERE?

Mitzpe Ramon, Israel
Mitzpe Ramon, Israel. Photo by Daniel Newman on Unsplash

There’s something so spectacular about a giant crater and the Ramon Crater is no exception. The world’s largest erosion cirque is located in the Negev Desert of Israel and it is a site you don’t want to miss! Mitzpe Ramon is one of the towns that has developed within the Ramon Crater and it has become a great tourist attraction.

What to Do in Mitzpe Ramon

There are so many attractions in the Mitzpe Ramon area, but if you’re an adventurous type, we definitely recommend checking out the hikes in the area. There is also a campsite at the bottom of the crater, which is a great experience. People often go and marvel at the stars, as it’s the most remote place in all of Israel–making it the clearest view of the night sky in the area.

When to Visit Mitzpe Ramon

Despite being located in the desert, the climate changes depending on the season. There are pretty strong winds throughout the year, which means it always feels colder than the weather report might say! It also gets pretty cold in the winter (especially when you account for the wind chill), so we recommend going in the fall and spring months. Going at this time of year will ensure that you also beat the heat and strong UV rays of the summer months.