Think Twice About Renting a Motorbike In Thailand

Biking in Thailand
Photo by Gabor Kozmon on Unsplash

Thailand is filled with all kinds of amazing things you can do, and one of those things is renting a motorbike. This isn’t particularly specific to Thailand, but it is pretty trendy for tourists to engage in this activity when traveling there. If you’re contemplating renting a motorbike while backpacking through Thailand, here’s why we’d heavily recommend thinking twice about this.

The Learning Curve

First off, let’s state the obvious. Riding a motorbike is dangerous, a heck of a lot more dangerous than driving a car. If you’re a beginner, it’s even more dangerous, and it’ll probably take you a while to really get the hang of it, making you particularly vulnerable on the road.

The Roads

Speaking of the roads… they aren’t super safe in Thailand. We’re talking about a third-world country, albeit a pleasant one, where traffic is a lot more wild than you’re used to and security is also a bit different. Why put yourself in that situation?

Off the Beaten Path

In addition, there are other roads off the beaten path that tourists are recommended to take their bikes, such as dirt paths that go along majestic mountains. Don’t be swayed by the fantasy of it all—it’s quite easy to get injured in this way, and you probably want to avoid that at all costs. So be smart!