Things to Consider for Van Life

Camper van
Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

Van life is so tempting to so many of us. The ability to drive around the world and park up for the night is very enticing. But there’s a lot to consider, starting with these three points.


You may well be excited by the prospect of driving anywhere and staying the night. But for so many people, sleep is a delicate process, and as such you need to think about your sleep setup for a van. Do you want a fold-out bed? Or one that’s always set up ready to go? 


It might not be the nicest thing to talk about, but this is so crucial to have properly thought out before heading off on a trip. Public toilets can be hard to find and are often shut at night. It’s a good idea to have a make-do toilet in your van for those emergency situations. 


If you haven’t got a properly insulated van, this is a key thing to consider. Even in summer, it can get cold at night, and for the rest of the year, this is even more important. Make sure you have warm clothes, and consider how to make the van more insulated.