Check Out These Amazing Cafes in Manchester, England

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Photo by Lina Kivaka via Pexels

Manchester is a thriving city in the north of England, home to several fantastic art galleries, museums, and theaters. If you’re spending some time in Manchester, you have to explore its extensive food scene. You can taste almost every cuisine in the world in the city, and much of it at incredibly reasonable prices. The city also specializes in fabulous cafes which offer warm welcomes and wonderful food. Just check out these three cafes, each of which offers something unique in the city of Manchester.

Essy’s Cafe

This centrally-located cafe offers up some of the finest food in Manchester, and all for very reasonable prices. From traditional toasties and sandwiches to more unusual dishes such as Turkish eggs, the extensive menu should please everybody. You’re also welcome to sit with just a drink at Essy’s Cafe—the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly, with no pressure placed on customers.

Cafe Sorrel

This community-run cafe is situated within one of the city’s main parks, providing you with an excellent opportunity to stop and get a drink and a snack mid-way through a meander. Almost everything on the menu is vegan, and plenty of it is gluten-free too, meaning that everyone will find something they can enjoy at Cafe Sorrel.

Cafe Viuna

This warm and friendly cafe offers delicious snacks, cakes, and coffee during the daytime, and cocktails and aperitifs during the evenings. Even when it transforms into a bar, Cafe Viuna retains its warm, casual feel, so you know you’ll be made to feel welcome whether you’re popping in for a drink, relaxing with coffee and cake, or enjoying the music and cocktails in the evenings.