These Travel Trends Will Rule the World in 2021, According to Pinterest

As 2020 comes to a close, the lists of trend predictions for the next year are showing up everywhere, and Pinterest recently came up with their own. It heavily relies on the most searched terms on this website, and they’re predicting these three travel trends will rule the world in 2021.

Nomad Lifestyle

The rise of remote working completely changed the way we approach travel since we’re no longer tied to a single place. Many travelers are mixing business and pleasure by going on road trips, renting remote cabins, and exploring the great outdoors in between work.

Car Décor

As road trips experienced a huge boom in 2020, travelers are paying more attention to the interior of their cars. Car date nights and visits to drive-in-cinemas have also been on the rise, giving us an extra reason to make our cars nice and cozy.

Dream Vacations

We couldn’t do much traveling in 2020, but fantasizing about our next big trip was still an option. That’s why such terms as luxury vacation, dream vacation, and honeymoon pictures experienced a rise in popularity on Pinterest, and many people will try to turn their dreams into a reality in the new year.