These Montreal Landmarks Will Make You Feel Like You’re in Europe

Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal, Canada. Photo by Yi Liu on Unsplash

People often remark that the Quebec capital city of Montreal is like the perfect mix between the old world and the new world. Strongly influenced by French cities such as Paris and Bordeaux, this Canadian destination has a strange ability to make people feel like they’re in Europe.

If you are wanting to feel that European vibe without crossing the pond, here are three Montreal hot spots that you should definitely check out.

Notre Dame Basilica

The Notre Dame Basilica, the city’s most recognizable monument, dates back to Montreal’s time as a colonial city. Architect James O’Donnell was commissioned to design a cathedral for the growing city, and the result was this Neogothic gem with one of the most impressive interiors of any cathedral on Earth.

Old Montreal

The aforementioned basilica is located in the city’s historic section, known as Old Montreal. Here, you will feel like you’re in a French city as you make your way through cobbled streets past buildings that date back to Montreal’s history as a part of New France.

Bonsecours Market

The Bonsecours Market is now mainly used to house government offices, but the exterior of the mid-19th century building looks like something straight out of Europe. It served as Montreal’s public market before being changed to its current use after being built in 1847.