How to Fight Post-travel Depression

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Returning home after an amazing trip can be difficult, and feeling bad after coming back to your regular life is known as post-travel depression. You’re back to your normal, perhaps kind of boring life and you’d give everything to go back to the destination where you felt excited for discovering new things every day.

Here’s how to fight that unpleasant feeling.

Give Yourself Time

It’s only natural that you need some time to adjust to being home again. Be gentle with yourself and don’t expect to adjust to the sudden change overnight.

Go Exploring

There’s no reason you shouldn’t keep exploring your surroundings now that you’re at home. We’re sure there are plenty of new neighborhoods, cafes, and shops to discover where you live!

Plan a New Trip

If nothing else works, you can start planning a new trip, even if it’s not happening in the next few weeks. If you’re traveling to a new location within a year or so, you can definitely start planning for that. If your travel budget is empty right now, explore cheap, local field-trip options.