These Four Tips Will Make Long Bus Rides More Comfortable

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Long bus rides are often unavoidable for travelers that need to go long distances. When trains are too expensive and flights don’t exist, buses are often the best option for travelers that need to get to a different place.

Unfortunately, buses can be cramped and uncomfortable. To make your bus experience less painful, here are some tips for how to make your next bus ride more bearable.

Bring a Book

One of the best ways to “get lost” while spending time on a bus is with a good book. It’s easy to forget about the time you have left on a bus and how uncomfortable you are if you’re observed in a quality page-turner.

Sit in the Aisle Seat

Although you may be tempted to go for a window seat to see the scenery while on a long bus ride, we recommend the aisle seat. This will give your legs more room to stretch out so that you don’t feel so claustrophobic.

Bring Relaxing Music to Listen to

Sometimes, when you’re crowded in an uncomfortable bus and you’re at your wits’ end, the best way to decompress and to relax is to listen to relaxing music by an artist that you like.

Dress Comfortably

Instead of wearing tight clothes that might look more fashionable the next time you’re on a bus, we recommend that you wear breathable, loose-fitting clothes that allow you to feel as comfortable as possible.

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