These Are the Most Spectacular Wine Valleys on Earth

Wine-growing regions are always nice to visit, but I think that there’s something about a wine valley that makes it even more special. Nestled between two high-altitude places, valleys usually contain rivers and often make for the perfect place to grow wine grapes.

Here are the four most spectacular vine valleys on Earth.

Ribeira Sacra: Spain

This wine valley, located in the Galicia region of Spain, consists of two steep banks on either side of the Sil River that are planted with both white and red grapes. It’s spectacularly beautiful and unforgettable.

Colchagua Valley: Chile

Chile is a country that produces a surprising amount of wine, and the Colchagua Valley is one of its top regions. Nestled between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, there are plenty of bodegas to visit in this beautiful region.

Douro Valley: Portugal

The home of the grapes that grow up to produce Port wine, the Douro Valley region in the interior of Portugal is unrivaled in its beauty. The grapes are grown on the sides of the canyon that is formed by the Douro River, where visitors can go on a boat ride to see the vineyards from a different perspective.

Rhône Valley: France

The Rhône Valley in southern France is world-renowned for its wines. The region’s Mediterranean climate and ample water resources give life to delicious red, white, and rose wines.