These are the Best Times to go to Israel

Jaffa Harbour, Israel. Photo by Shai Pal on Unsplash

Everyone loves coming to Israel for the cultural and historical sites to see, but most people come at the wrong time of year! Come at these times and see the best Israel has to offer.


A lot of people think that summer is the time to go to Israel, but fall is so much better for many reasons. While most places are cooling off significantly, Israel’s temperature goes down to a mild summer climate, round about the low 80’s. October is probably the most ideal time because the weather is stunning but it’s not scorching hot. The sea is also still very warm so you can have plenty of quality beach time!


Purim is a giant holiday in Israel that celebrates the Jews being saved from genocide. As part of the celebration, which lasts for about a week, people dress up in elaborate costumes and makeup and party non-stop. Dressing up and getting drunk is actually one of the requirements of the holiday, so it’s easy to fall in love with the holiday.

Most municipalities will throw parties, and every bar and club will have their own as well. If you want to drink and be merry, this is the time for you to come. Purim does vary in exact dates from year to year, but it’s usually around February or March.