These are the Best Street Food Cities on Earth

Image by Heike Georg from Pixabay

Discovering and eating local street food is a fantastic way to experience the culture and gastronomic traditions of a foreign land.

These destinations are some of the best cities on Earth where you could experience delicious and authentic street food.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexican street food is legendary, and the undisputed capital of the foodie scene of the country is its capital. Here, you can sample classic dishes like tacos, tamales, huaraches, and quesadillas.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has one of the most varied and unique street food scenes on the planet. Practically every street is teeming with vendors selling sausages, curry, and even stuffed fish.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is a mecca for those that love Southeast Asian flavors. Just by walking through the streets of this Vietnamese city, you can sample delicious foods such as bun cha ca, a vermicelli fish noodle stew.

Amman, Jordan

The Jordanian capital is another inviting destination for street food lovers. Here, you can sample the mix of flavors that has come to define this Middle Eastern capital’s cuisine. Love kebabs? This might be the world’s best city to eat them.