These are Some of the World’s Craziest Aerial Lifts

Do you know what an aerial lift is?

It’s a method of transport in which cars or compartments are lifted off of the ground on cables and then transported to another destination. They provide riders with spectacular views of the Earth.

Here are some of the most impressive on Earth.

Sugarloaf Cable Car: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This aerial lift goes to the top of the iconic Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio, transporting visitors to an unforgettable view of Brazil’s most well-known city.

Emirates Air Line: London, England

This fairly new lift crosses the Thames River in London. Its primary use is to give visitors a panoramic view of one of the biggest cities on Earth. It opened in 2012.

Merida Cable Car: Merida, Venezuela

The Merida aerial lift is the highest in the world, and also the second longest. It transfers users from the city of Merida, at 5,380 feet above sea level, to the top of Pico Espejo, at 15,663 feet.

Stanserhorn Cable Car: Stanserhorn, Switzerland

This aerial lift is located in the stunning Swiss Alps. It’s primarily for tourist use, and transports them from the Swiss town of Stans to the top of this beautiful mountain.