These Are Some of the Most Charming Small Towns in Finland

Loviisa, Finland. Photo by Helen Sepp on Unsplash

Finland is full of gorgeous small towns that you can explore after you’ve seen Helsinki. The country’s capital is stunning, but these towns are absolutely worth going the extra mile.


If you’re looking for an idyllic town located on the south coast of Finland, Ekenäs is the place you’re looking for. The town is home to a charming church, wooden homes, and claims to have the oldest pedestrian street in the country. 


Finland may not be known for beaches, but it still has some. Hanko is the place to go if you need a summer vacation and participate in various sports and entertainment activities. Victorian and art-nouveau architectural styles can be seen everywhere.


Many of the wooden homes found in Loviisa are originals dating back to the 19th century. The fact that they are still standing tall is a testimony to traditional workmanship.


Mariehamn is the capital of Åland Island and a late 19th-century town, which makes it one of the newer towns in the country. It has a port, sandy beaches, a museum ship, and many other attractions that make it popular among tourists. The charming streets are filled with wooden houses and small cafes.