These Are Some of the Least Explored Destinations in the World

Vatnavegur, Faroe Islands
Vatnavegur, Faroe Islands. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

When it comes to choosing travel destinations, do you tend to go with popular places or explore the more off-the-beaten-track ones? For anyone looking to plan their next exotic adventure, these are some of the least explored remote destinations that can give you a unique traveling experience.

Puglia, Italy

With so many exciting cities and towns to see, people who travel to Italy rarely remember Puglia, located at the heel of the peninsula. The rural landscapes and a mixture of cultural influences from Greece, Spain, and Byzanty make this region unique and worth checking out.

Ladakh, India

Ladakh is a region in northern India and one of the few truly untouched places on our planet. It consists of four mountain ranges, The Great Himalaya, The Ladakh, The Karakoram, and The Zanskar, and offers incredible views at every step. Travelers can stay in beautiful houses in the villages. The experience is unlike anything else!

Faroe Islands, Denmark

If you want to explore the untouched nature of northern Europe, Faroe Islands are the place to go. They belong to Denmark but sit between Norway and Iceland, and they consist of gorgeous coastlines. There are two Michelin-star restaurants where you can try the unique local cuisine.