The Natural Wonders of Tajikistan Will Blow Your Mind

Fedchenko Glacier in Pamir mountains in Tajikistan.
Fedchenko Glacier in Pamir mountains in Tajikistan. Image by MichalKnitl/Depositphotos

Central Asia is not one of the most popular tourist destinations on Earth, but there is no doubt the natural beauty that the region has to offer is exceptional. Tajikistan, in particular, has a great abundance of beautiful natural areas that are worth seeing. Check out three natural wonders that you absolutely must make plans to see if you want to see the best that this fascinating country has to offer.

Iskanderkul Lake

Tajikistan is a highly mountainous country, and Iskanderkul Lake is one of the most impressive spots that you will find in the country’s western Fann Mountains region. A lake of glacial origin, you will be in awe at its serene turquoise color and the bird life which inhabits the area.

Fedchenko Glacier

Glaciers are not just a thing of the past in Tajikistan. Fedchenko Glacier in the north-central Gorno-Badakhshan province of the country is impressive any way you look at it. Measuring nearly 50 miles in length, it’s the longest non-polar glacier in the world.

Garm Chashma

Heading to the east of the country, Garm Chashma is a hot spring that has been visited both by locals and visitors for hundreds of years. Near the city of Khorog, impressive mineral deposits line the 38 to 50 degree C water pools and create an impressive display of stalactites and stalagmites.