The World’s Most Stunning Deserts

This planet is full of wonders. One of the most striking natural habitats to see is the vast, seemingly endless territory of a desert, a place where life is a struggle and uninhabited expanses stretch for miles and miles.

Deserts are a great place for any nature lover to explore and get lost. Here are three of the world’s finest deserts that you have to see for yourself.

Sahara Desert: Africa

The crown jewel of North Africa, the Sahara Desert completely dominates the landscape of this part of the Earth. You will find plenty of experiences to help you discover this fascinating place, from camel rides in Morocco to a trip to see the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

Atacama Desert: South America

The Atacama Desert in South America is located in northern Chile and is commonly regarded as one of the driest places on Earth, even drier than the Sahara. Almost no rain falls here due to the blocking effect of the Andes Mountains, turning this stretch of land into a barren expanse.

Gobi Desert: Asia

Snow leopards and Bactrian camels roam through the Gobi Desert, which takes up 1,295 million km² of land in China and Mongolia, making it the world’s largest desert. Sand dunes that “sing” when the wind blows and camel trekking experiences are some of the most popular things to see and do here.