The Trendiest Bars to Visit In Los Angeles

Photo by Sterling Davis on Unsplash

Los Angeles has become known as one of the trendiest and most vibrant towns in the world.  If you’re visiting, make sure you jump right into the action by trying out these top five interactive bars.

Big Bar

A charming, fun cocktail hotspot in a friendly neighborhood, Big Bar is the place to go for cocktail aficionados. Come on Thursdays for Mixtape Mixology night and witness bartenders from all over the city play specially-tailored playlists and present their own crafted cocktail menus.  

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The NoMad

This is the stylish jewel in downtown L.A’s crown. Dim, moody lighting, shiny wood paneling, and a balcony overlooking the evening sunset make for a magical atmosphere of intense excitement and open possibilities.

The Spare Room

Tucked away on the bustling Hollywood Boulevard is this perfect blend of the traditional American bar and modern party lifestyle. Complete with 1800s bowling lanes and startlingly refined interior, this is one of the city’s best-kept secrets.  


This Japanese classic is famous for bringing the weird and wonderful world of sake wine to the United States.  Sake is a kind of alcoholic beverage formed from fermented rice.  The bar offers a wide variety of sake drinks that range from Fruit and Flowers, Earth and Umami to Rice and Minerals, which demonstrate just how versatile sake can be.    

Bar Covell

This is a traditional wine bar with a surprising twist.  Not only are there astonishingly over 150 wines to choose from, but the bartenders can tailor your drink to your own personality.  With just a few quick questions, they’ll have your dream drink in no time.