The Top 3 Places to Visit in India

The Taj Mahal in Agra, India
Photo by Julian Yu on Unsplash

Since the start of the new millennium, India has become more and more of a hotspot for backpackers. There are many reasons for this, from the soaring popularity of Indian cuisine to the overall fascination with its culture. However, India is a massive country, and there are countless places to see there. Here are the top three spots you should consider seeing first.


The architecture of Rajasthan is some of the most unique and beautiful you’ll ever see. Located in the Northwest region of India, this state is where you can find the enchanting Thar Desert, the Aravallis Mountains, and countless other majestic landscapes.


Take a trip down to the southwest of India, and Kerala will take you on a spiritual journey unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s home to a wide variety of religions, but even if that’s not your thing, its tropical beauty is gorgeous beyond belief. For its scenery alone, travelers flock to this area.


Agra used to be the capital of the Mughal Empire, and is still home to the iconic Taj Mahal. It’s one of the most-visited cities in all of India, and it’s not hard to see why. If you can get past the fact that it’s a bit crowded, you’ll be moved emotionally by its rich history and beauty.