The Tea Connoisseur’s Travel List

Photo by Manki Kim on Unsplash

Tea connoisseurs are those who specialize in the tasting and understanding of tea, including familiarizing with different types of tea, brewing, and serving methods. Since the world is full of ideas for coffee, whiskey, and wine lovers and travelers, we thought we’d suggest two destinations for the tea aficionados out there!


You can’t talk about tea without mentioning China, the land where tea originated. If you’re interested in the history of tea and want to visit where it is grown, plan a visit to the Sichuan region and travel to the Yangzi Jiang river.

If you prefer sticking to cities, make sure to pop into the tea houses hidden away in temples to witness traditional ceremonies of brewing and pouring. Prepare your nose for some intense and sweet natural aromas of the locally made infusions.

North England

Britain in general is known for its affection to tea drinking, especially tea with a drop of milk. The most popular tea in Britain is Yorkshire Tea. With an intense taste designed to suit the water in the area, and with its simple and domestic feel, this black tea breakfast blend became a symbol and regional pride.