The Most Unique Types of Public Transportation Around the World

Image by gloverbh222 from Pixabay

Typically we view transportation as a way to get around, and when visiting new places we usually opt to take the bus, taxis, or the subway. But some forms of transportation are so unique that they’re an experience in it of themselves and they shouldn’t be missed. Have you tried any of these modes of transportation?

Coco Taxis in Cuba

This mode of transportation has been popular for tourists in Cuba since the 90s. Coco taxis are made from fiberglass shells and the seats are welded onto Piaggio scooters. They get their name from their bright, yellow coconut-shaped shells.

Jeepneys in the Philippines

These bus-like transports are a symbol of Filipino culture and they were made out of Willy Jeeps that were left by the U.S. after World War II in the early ’50s. To make more space the jeeps were extended and they were topped with a rood and painted bright colors.

The Schwebebahn in Germany

This suspension railway that is above the city and the Wupper tributary started in 1901 and is used by 85,000 passengers daily. This railway is made famous by the 1950 incident involving Tutu the circus elephant who rode the monorail as part of an advertising stunt but threw a fit and fell out the window and fell 39-feet into the river. Don’t worry, the elephant survived.