The Most Thrilling Roller Coasters of “Six Flags: Great Adventure” Ranked

Heading to Six Flags Great Adventure? The New Jersey park is a short bus ride from New York City and offers some of the most intense thrills a theme park can offer. Here are the most exhilarating coasters available ranked from best to worst.

1. Kinda Ka

It may all be over very quickly, but there are few feelings as intense as being shot 456 feet up then dropped back down vertically at 206 km/hr.

2. Nitro

Nitro is the tallest coaster of its kind on the East Coast, featuring a 215-foot-drop and reaching speeds of 80 miles per hour. It’s utterly terrifying.

3. El Toro

El Toro may be a wooden roller coaster but its incredibly fast and incredibly thrilling. Don’t skip it just because it doesn’t look as flashy as some of the other coasters, because it’s absolutely worth the wait.

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O melhor de todos #eltoro #eltorosixflags

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4. The Joker

The Joker is a truly unique coaster which swings riders to the side of the track. The ride time is less than a minute but it’s an incredibly disorientating and exciting experience.

5. Superman: Ultimate Flight

The Superman ride is a flying coaster which has riders faced down rather than forward. There are moments where you will genuinely feel you are soaring through the air like a superhero.

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Six Flags Day to wrap up the 2019 Youth Mission Trip.

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6. Green Lantern

The Green Lantern ride is standing up coaster. It includes a 121-foot-loop and is as thrilling as it is fun.

7. Bizarro

Bizarro is a floorless coaster with plenty of inversions and loops. It’s a dizzying experience and probably not worth more than a 30-minute wait.

8. Batman: The Ride

The Batman ride has been around since 1993. It is still better than many of the coasters in other parks but by Six flags standards, it doesn’t quite pack the same punch as the others.

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