The Most Luxurious Airport Lounges In The World

Airport lounges are one of the highlights of collecting frequent flyer miles or purchasing a business or first-class ticket when you decide to fly. Not all lounges are built the same though, and these are the most luxurious lounges in the world. 

British Airways | London, Heathrow Airport

British Airways is known for its impeccable service, but the Concorde Room at Heathrow Airport is also one of its perks. This room is only for passengers with first-class tickets.

Each area of the lounge has plush sofas that look like they belong in Buckingham Palace, and regional cuisine cooked by the chef on the premises. To top it off, you can even get a massage while you wait for your flight. 

Singapore Airlines | Singapore, Changi Airport

Singapore Airlines has long been one of the leaders in the airline industry. For passengers with a first-class ticket, you can request a private room within the first-class lounge. From there, you can ask for the champagne of your choice, a private bathroom, and a selection of different food. 

Emirates | Dubai, Dubai International Airport

Emirates offers one of the most luxurious first-class experiences in the world, and so does its flagship lounge in Dubai. This is one of the biggest lounges on the list and encompasses a floor in the airport. Instead of having a set menu for their passengers, the menu changes throughout the day. That means that a wide array of foreign cuisines will be on offer for passengers with long layovers.