The Magic of Berlin after Dark

Photo by David Jackson on Unsplash

Clubbing in Berlin, Germany is an amazing experience and everyone can find something special in the Berlin clubs. From mega-clubs to tiny “Speak-Easies”, from open-air to underground basements, pop to techno, Berlin is one of the best cities in the world to go clubbing.

But, getting inside, is not always easy, and having fun in this late-night world can sometimes be tricky.

So, what can you do to get the best from your visit to the after-hours of Berlin? Here are some basic tips for fun clubbing in the city:


Ask around, go online, read comments and reviews. Try to understand what is the best late-night option for you, and what will you need to do to get inside.

Safety first

Stay safe; try to be around other clubbers you trust and know, and have someone know where you are at all times. And never share drinks.   

Have a local friend with you

Nothing is better than a party with a local friend, who can show you around the secret clubbing location, to get the true-Berlin clubbing experience.

Eat, drink water and wear comfortable shoes

Going out in Berlin could be a 48-hour deal, where parties start on Friday evening and keep going till Monday morning!