The Joys of Traveling by Night Train

Sleeper train
Photo by Михаил Калегин on Unsplash

Traveling by sleeper train may seem like something out of a murder mystery film, but this is actually a practical and fun way to get around. Here are some of the good sides to this mode of transport. 

An Exciting and Novel Experience

For most people, getting on a train to go to bed for the night is quite unusual. If you’re lucky enough to have your own cabin, then this experience can be straightforwardly magical. But even if it’s just a seat in a carriage, there’s still something very unique and fun about this travel option.

Get Travel and Accommodation for the Price of One

So you are traveling on a train to continue with your journey. Why not save on the price of a hostel stay with this overnight train option? If you’re used to dorm rooms then this will feel just like a moving version of that.

A Cheap Way to Travel Long Distances

As you are traveling through the night, this is often much cheaper than the same journey in the daytime. Just take some steps to ensure you get some sleep, and you’ll soon feel like you’ve cracked the traveling code.