Here’s Why Innsbruck, Austria Should Be Top of Your Travel List

Hallstatt, Austria
Hallstatt, Austria. Photo by Sorasak on Unsplash

Austria has a rich and unique history and culture, and there’s so much variety between the regions and cities that it’s hard to choose where to visit. If you’re someone who appreciates the joys of a vibrant city but also loves the natural world then Innsbruck should be next on your list. Here’s why.

The Mountains

You will wander through the streets of the city, and through gaps in buildings suddenly get glimpses of huge towering mountains. This backdrop is incredible and means you can’t get bored as you’ll always have a beautiful mountain range to gaze up at.

The Architecture

Innsbruck is known for its interesting architecture. Huge gothic buildings line the streets and large squares highlight the grandiosity of it all. Among this, colorful apartment blocks add some extra flare to the beautiful city, and you won’t run out of interesting details to spot. 

The Bars

Austria is known for its delicious beer, and what better way to enjoy this than sitting on the terrace of a charming and authentic bar on the streets of Innsbruck? Weissbier is a traditional beer originating in this region and is unlike any beer you will try elsewhere.