The Hub in Hoi An, Vietnam is the Ultimate Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have quickly popped up all over the world. Digital nomads no longer want to stay in one place, working in an office or from home, they want to travel. One popular coworking space that has been welcoming nomads for a few years now, is the Hub based in Hoi An, Vietnam. It caters to all sorts of nomads and provides a community for those abroad. 

Hoi An itself is one of the oldest cities in Vietnam and has been dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also on the beach, which makes it a very desirable location.

There are three main packages for digital nomads to choose from ranging from a one-day pass, a one-week pass, and a one-month pass. These range from $9 to $175. All of them include access to the main hub, high speed internet, free beverages, and some include unlimited printing. There are additional items you can add-on like bikes, scooters, and monitor rentals. 

If you have never been to Hoi An before, you may want to opt to stay in one of the many villas that are also onsite. They offer monthly rates starting at $497 for a single. If you rent one of these, all of the packages to use the coworking space are included. You can actually save a lot of money, simply by staying there.