The Food Vending Machines of Tokyo

Photo by Fabrizio Chiagano on Unsplash

Did you know that there are almost 5.5 million vending machines around Japan? From Playstations to aloe vera juice – they have it all.

Japan is a foody country and has some of the freshest ingredients in the world due to its strategic location. One of the most unique dishes we found in a vending machine is fish soup which displays an actual whole fish inside a bottle of soup.

This is commonplace in Japan especially since they have some of the hardest workers in the world. People will fall asleep almost anywhere including the sidewalk – but this is totally acceptable there. It’s even considered honorable to see a man in a business suit slipping in the street because it shows that he worked hard.

For a fast-paced city, Tokyo has tons of vending food machines to accommodate the busy work culture. Here are some cool vending machines that we came across.

Ice Cream Stop

Craving some ice cream on the way to your yoga class? You won’t have to fall in long ques because you’ll be able to buy ice cream on the go. Don’t worry – they won’t melt! The vending machine is suited to fit the temperatures of the food and drinks they contain.

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I have a few more things to show you before we leave #Tokyo … 1. Soft serve vending machine (not so appealing so we skipped it). 2. Got a foot? Plenty of room for a vending machine! 3. Or a garden. 4. We found this super cool antique abacus in a shop storefront but what impressed me the most was the owner’s heartfelt desire to share it with people. I think here it would have just been locked away for safe keeping. 5. Pretty money! 6. Awesome tiny food truck we saw in Ueno Park (Anne for scale). When the web work gets old I want to buy one of these, bring it here and drive around selling fluffy Japanese-style pancakes 🥞 and coffee ☕️ . Maybe I should just do that now …. 7. This tiny delivery truck is Japan’s version of FedEx and logo kills me – mama cat with kitten!?! So wish I had one of their driver’s freaking cool uniform caps. 8. Classic (and classy!) Japanese taxi. We had the pleasure of riding in two of them and it was a delight. Spotless, elegant, friendly, high tech and … the left-side back door opens and closes itself!! #WhyDontWeHaveThat?! 9. Bikes on one side, pedestrians on the other and the raised yellow parts are for vision impaired folk who use a cane. This became a fascination of mine – particularly how it’s used to guide people through the subway. Brilliant!! Another #WhyDontWeHaveThat 10. It was so rare to see any sort of graffiti where we were that I stopped to snap a pic … and then was charmed by the sentiments. #TokyoTidbits #Asakusa #AntiqueAbacus #TokyoVendingMachines #CoolCarsOfTokyo #GodHelpMeIHaveDozensOfPhotosLikeThese #JapanTravelLog #Latergram

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Quench Your Thirst

This device is the perfect machine for the summer. Imagine coming out of the bullet train all sweaty and being able to order a cold iced black tea. This is the perfect sight to see on hot days and the ultimate lifesaver.