Safety Tips You Should Follow When Trying Street Food in a New Country

Photo by Agathe Marty on Unsplash

If you see traveling as a culinary adventure, you probably like trying traditional street foods in different countries. They’re cheap, unique and super-tasty – as long as you follow our safety guidelines and make a right pick.

Follow the Crowd

The best favor you can do to yourself is asking locals for advice. Check if members of your hostel staff or tour guides have any good recommendations before exploring on your own. If that doesn’t pan out, check out crowded places that are popular with the locals.

Go Clean or Go Home

Observe the vendor of your choosing for a little while before making your order. See if they’re trying to follow basic safety guidelines, and keep their place clean before making the final verdict.

Give Yourself Time

Heading to a local street food joint right after your flight isn’t a great idea, especially in the countries known for their spicy cuisine. Give your body some time to adjust to new flavors, before starting to experiment with local specialties.