The Columbia River Gorge’s Most Scenic Spots

Columbia River Gorge
Multnomah Falls. Photo by luke flynt on Unsplash

The Columbia River Gorge, split between the northwestern U.S. states of Oregon and Washington, is one of the most scenic and beautiful natural areas in this region of the country. Following a route that runs 80 miles through the cascade range, this canyon is up to 2,000 feet deep and provides a spectacular range of views. While the gorge is beautiful in and of itself throughout its entirety, make sure to visit these three special spots on your trip there.

Multnomah Falls

On the Oregon side of the river, you will find Multnomah Falls, the most famous spot in the gorge. This waterfall cascades a total of 627 feet down from the mountains to the Columbia River and provides two incredible lookout spots at which you can marvel at the area’s beauty.

Beacon Rock State Park

Moving over to Washington, Beacon Rock State Park is another one of the gems of the Columbia River Gorge. 32 miles east of Vancouver, a massive basalt volcanic plug rises 848 feet above the river and the area around it provides beautiful hiking trails and spots from which to see both the river and the namesake rock.

Bonneville Dam

This man-made structure in the river was built in 1934 and protects the surrounding region from flooding in the area’s rainy conditions. You will marvel at the scope of the structure and the force with which the water pours through it from the idyllic meadows on either side of the river.